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For consultation appointments:

Sister Marie Pasquale
Office: 0711/4597152
Mobile: 0171/2657410

“If it is good for you, then come!”

I have time for you: Are you looking for someone to share impressions from your studies and everyday life, are you dealing with life questions, suffering from fears, looking for perspectives, dealing with bonds and attempts at liberation, do you have money worries, are you grieving for someone, do you want to talk about questions of faith? Then please contact us! In confidential conversations we can look for ways together – I am gladly available for consultation and accompaniment!

I am a theologian, pastoral counselor and logotherapist (psychotherapy according to Viktor Frankl) and I am there for you if you are looking for a partner to talk to about questions of faith and life.

“If it is good for you, then come!” conversations can take place digitally or in person in the office or even outdoors. Both regular companionship and a one-time conversation are possible.

Via WhatsApp and email I send daily short spiritual language impulses – thoughts about faith in our everyday life. If you want to receive the impulses, send me a WhatsApp or an email with the keyword “impulse”.

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